Life Takaful


As life goes on, your priorities and needs change which is why we have tailored Life insurance plans that suit you and those you care for. Our Shariah-compliant products will grow with you and ensure a financially independent future.

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Medical Takaful


Good health is a blessing and you want to be in good hands should you suffer an illness or a health condition. TLife offers both heath plan which covers the essential health benefits, and even tailor-made plans to ensure that all your medical needs are well attended to.

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Why Takaful Insurance?


Takaful, meaning “solidarity” is a co-operative insurance system. It is based on the concept of shared contributions and mutual cooperation. We do not charge interest! Instead, we provide regimented subscription and pooled compensation to protect our members in case of loss or need. TLife adheres to both UAE law and an appointed Shariah Supervisory Board.


Conventional Insurance involves making investments that can incur risk and generate profits, which are, in turn, retained by the company. Takaful however ensures that no one member can gain an advantage at the expense of another creating a cooperation among policyholders for the common good of all members.

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